Corporate structures now can be built for better functionality with care for the environment. A great way to increase the productivity of your employees and to have a better working space is simply to consider adding building extensions to expand its capabilities. Creating a building extension, however, is not a decision that can be taken lightly by any means. Instead, there are a few very important factors that absolutely must be considered before you determine whether or not building renovations Perth builders offer are in your best interest. Building renovations in Perth Western Australia are quite common, especially when it comes to older infrastructures that have room for improvement.

This article aims to explain the parameters of the renovations and additions in Perth you can do for your office and working space. Also, listed below are some tips you can apply to your building renovation project with regards to the design and construction:

Design Parameters for a Greener Office Space

Design parameters for extensions to existing business infrastructures are set and sometimes limited by local regulations and the buildings’ existing design, placement, and condition. Luckily, most Perth home renovation builder firms today offer recommended construction tweaks that are important for achieving an energy efficient building and will save you money on heating, cooling and water use. Click here Addstyle Master Builders

Listed below are some energy efficiency tweaks which you can try to incorporate in your renovation projects:

· Make the most of existing spaces before adding new areas.

· Always look to orientate living areas and indoor outdoor areas to the north.

· Minimize west facing windows and south facing windows. Blinds or shutters for east facing windows.

· Ensure the building has some sort of shading cover to protect windows from direct sun during summer months.

· Recommend double glazing in combination with full-length curtains and draperies.

· Recommend eave vents and ridge and gable vents which can be closed in winter.

· Flat roofs without roof cavity should not be built. Pitched roofs are thermal, aerodynamically and fluid dynamically more efficient.

· Mechanical ventilation for toilets and range hoods should be vented through the roof cavity via insulated ducting and should be air tight when not in use.

· For upper storey walls we use polystyrene wall boards with a render finish to achieve higher R values.

· Lighting should be by low energy and led type lighting. Recommend against recessed down-lights.

· Install rainwater tanks to supply toilets, laundry and garden water.

Construction Tweaks for Environment-Friendly Offices

Before your renovation project commences, there are also some things you need to observe with your hired building renovations Perth construction firm. Listed below are some reminders on the demolition and construction process that can also help your environment-friendly movement:

On Demolition:

– All the timber is processed sufficiently to be stacked in packs or bins

– Tiles and bricks are stacked in their own separate piles or bins

– Demolition metal and any fixtures and fittings are picked up or delivered to various recyclers

– All waste paper goes into a wire cage left on site

– All lunch scraps must go into the owner’s waste bin

On Construction:

– Use of crushed rock on potentially muddy drives and work areas

– All excavated soil to be disposed of separately for land fill

– Use of green concrete for footings, slabs, and paving

– For building renovations Perth projects, the bricks are re-used and recycled bricks purchased if more are required to complete the works

– Roof tiles are always recycled and extras brought in unless existing tiles are brittle and need replacing. Still recommend second-hand tiles first

– Prefabricated wall frames and roof trusses increase speed and reduce waste.

– Excess timber and materials are returned or moved to another site as appropriate.



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