Tarpaulin is among the strongest and the most versatile of materials available in the market today. It is a hefty sheet of sturdy yet pliant material usually made of waterproof plastics and cloths like canvas, polyethylene and urethane. It also comes in different materials, colors and sizes. It is a one size fits all type of material that is used in wide array of industries such as military warfare, construction, automotive and even in camping. Aside from that, tarpaulins are very easy to store and to reuse. Some are even rot resistant! So, before considering a tarpaulin hire Sydney has, here are some things that you should know before choosing a tarpaulin.

tarpaulin hire Sydney


It is important to know the area that you will be working on so that you can make a rough estimate on the size of the tarpaulin that you will be using. This will also decide the price because the bigger the tarpaulin is, the more costly it would be. Another important thing to consider would be width or the thickness of the tarpaulin that you are planning to purchase. Thicker tarpaulins or also known as heavy duty tarpaulins are suitable for sheltering and camping needs. The thinner ones on the other hand are more suitable for light works such as covers and advertisements. A good tarpaulin hire Sydney from N.L. Products has might be able to guide you as long as you explain the size and the thickness that you need from a tarpaulin.


Color is not only for the cosmetics of your tarp, it is also used to specify the grade of the tarp. Though not all tarp manufacturers follow this rule, it is still important to know what these color schemes usually mean. This might be a pretty long list, so, your tarpaulin hire in Sydney should be able to inform you of these color schemes and their corresponding sizes.

  • Blue – light duty tarpaulins which are approximately 5–6 mils or about 0.14 mm thick
  • Yellow/Orange – medium duty tarpaulins which are approximately 7–8 mils or about 0.19 mm thick
  • Green – medium duty tarpaulins which are approximately 9–10 mils or about 0.24 mm thick
  • Silver – heavy duty tarpaulins which are approximately 11–12 mils or about 0.29 mm thick
  • Brown – super heavy duty tarpaulins which are approximately. 16 mils or about 0.41 mm thick

This list is just a couple of the important things that you should know before buying the tarp that you need. Some of the best tarpaulin hire Sydney has might help you finding the perfect tarp for your need if you do a little research and ask them the right questions. Your choice of Sydney tarpaulin hire should also ask you the amount of money that you are willing to spend on your tarpaulin needs. Remember to evaluate the area that you are working on. This will also help you decide on the type, the size and the material that you want for your tarpaulin. These might be little things, but they can affect whatever you are doing if not done properly. Please visit http://nlproducts.com.au/tarpaulin-tarp-hire-sydney.

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